Visual Identity & Brand Design

A brand is more than a logo, but a logo is the ambassador of the brand.

I can help you achieve a stronger customer connection through design.

As business owners we understand the importance of a strong and relevant logo: It's part of the overall values we want our customers to know about our business.

If you're business is a start-up or if you've outgrown your existing brand and are in need of a revamp, then you've come to right place. To ensure I get it right, my logo design process considers more than simply what looks nice; I will research your competitors and discuss with you the values and advantages your business has before starting to design concepts. It's often we'll develop a design direction together or I'll go away with what I've learnt and start drafting concepts.

For more illustrative designs, I work first in a sketchbook or for typeface-focused logos, I'll work directly in the design program. Once I have some concepts for you, I'll tweak and refine the idea until we have a design you're happy with.

After the logo has been rendered in the computer, the output for logo designs are a complete suite of every conceivable file type you'll ever need - from bitmaps to vectors and everything in between. I also output a colour-guide document for use by a printer.