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ProSide Select – Web Design & Branding

Brand and Website Design for the launch of a new residential building company serving Melbourne home owners.


ProSide Select Are A Family Owned Company of Vinyl Weatherboard Specialists Committed to Providing Quality Weatherboard Installations across Melbourne and Victoria.

Although the skills-base within the business stretches back 27 years, the founders were looking to establish a newly branded identity to etch out market share of their specialist services across the state.

I was tasked to create a new logo and branding for the business to showcase the professionalism and build quality of their services and products. The project encompassed a new website with photographic management and on-page search engine optimisation.

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Brand Collateral

Following on from the brand development, I produced a suite of print graphic design for sales brochures, business cards, portfolios, car decals and other marketing materials. These branded assets ensure recognisable consistency across the ProSide Select portfolio. When selling a visual products and services, consistent use of the brand helps to instil confidence in the customer that the work will be rendered as polished as the brand that first greets them.

A key part of the work I performed with the business owners was to go through their archives of previous work – sorting the very best photographic assets from all the previous jobs they had performed over their many years of service to Victorian home owners. This resulted in the production of bound large-format brochures and an extensive online portfolio.

Proside Select - Graphic Design - Jonathan Pike 2

Website Design

The website design followed a three-fold goal of educating customers to the benefits of the product, presenting a prestigious brand and showcasing a vast archive of nearly 30 years of work completed by the owners of the company.

Much of the work that went into realising the website was in the preparation. The company had a great deal of information on their products and services in hard-copy ring-binders and literally hundreds of project photographs on cameras and USB drives. Digitising, curating and optimising all this content created a wealth of information to work with for both the website presentation and the search engines.

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Proside Select - Website Design - Jonathan Pike 2
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