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View Cafe are a family-owned business passionate about the restaurant experience. They approached me to better the digital discoverability of this iconic spot on the Gold Coast with a new brand, website and profile in Google search results.

Brand + Identity Design

The View Cafe is a Gold Coast Hinterland tourist destination at Hinze Dam. I developed the new Cafe Logo and brand colour choices directly from the location of the cafe itself. The brand concept was to lift the colours and shapes right out of the cafe’s surroundings – hence the right angled pathways, the modern architectural lines of the building, the vibrant, earthy colours and the winding river all feature in the logotype.

Colour Palette - View Cafe Visual Identity
Diners at View Cafe
View Cafe Grounds
View Cafe Architecture
Brand Designer Melbourne - View Cafe - Brand Identity

Website Design

I worked closely with the new cafe owners to develop a visually attractive website design with fresh, professionally shot photography that captures the ultra-modern design of the architecture and surrounding grounds. The website features an online booking facility and a gallery with optimised photographic work. Additional work performed was a revamp of the café’s social media profile.

Melbourne Website Designer Cafe Website Case Study
View Cafe - Responsive Website Design 6
View Cafe - Responsive Website Design 5
View Cafe - Responsive Website Design 4
View Cafe - Responsive Website Design 3


Copywriting consisted on newly devised value propositions for the site’s headings and several press releases to promote a new menu and reposition the cafe as a tourist attraction.

View Cafe Visual Identity Design
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