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eCommerce Website Designer based in Melbourne

Scale your business with a reliable, affordable & experienced eCommerce Website Designer.

Quality eCommerce website design & the best digital tools.

As an eCommerce Website Designer With 8 years of experience, I have an excellent track record in providing the very best eCommerce design, technical assistance and support services for eCommerce stores running WordPress and Woocommerce.

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Custom Designs

Custom designed ecommerce sites effectively convey your message, a fitting design aesthetic and a clear user-flow through to the sale. Custom designs ensure your site bolsters your credentials at every step of the buyer’s journey.

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The design of an ecommerce solution begins with a strategy that fits your business goals. I work closely with my ecommerce customers to develop an understanding of the uniqueness of their product offerings and how best to strategically approach their online customers.

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UI/UX Design

An effective ecommerce website design needs to intuitively move the customer through the sales funnel. From acquisition to conversion, Customer journey design ensures you’ll see more completed purchases, higher average order value and improved ROI for your online store.



eCommerce site & brand for Snuggi – the ultra-comfortable hybrid mattress-in-a-box.

Snuggi hired me to create their new ecommerce website to match the design quality and aesthetic of their bold, blue and white mattress design. The results were an appealing and visually engaging user experience.

The Snuggi ecommerce website was developed for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. It features a host of ecommerce development tools, including stock management, promotions, payment gateways and financing.

eCommerce Website Designer Melbourne


An eCommerce project always begins with exploring the goals, content strategy, design tone and messaging. Strategy is the key to successfully achieving the project goals.



Once the goals, content and tone of the project are decided upon, I develop the assets, layouts and media for the project with clean design values and a structured approach to development of the artwork.



Evolving technologies means I’m always staying on top of web platforms, configuring web systems for mobile responsivity, managing content and maintaining security and systems integrity.

eCommerce Website Designer Melbourne - Ocean Time Marine Case Study


Ocean Time Marine

eCommerce site & brand development for the leaders in maritime safety management.

Ocean Time Marine are a global maritime safety management consultancy with offices in Melbourne. I worked closely with Ocean Time Marine through the design of their safety management products. The e-commerce website together with the product development included project management, digital product design, payment gateway integration, search engine optimisation and digital marketing.

The site features a content management system, multi-currency shopping cart, secure payment gateway with one of Australia’s largest banks and a sales management system.

The ecommerce website toolbox.

A successful ecommerce website build will deliver robust functionality to administratively manage your sales, features to help you sell more products and good design to make your products look attractive to your customers.

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Promotional Pricing

Robust systems for adjusting and promoting your product pricing across your site – including offers, free products, percentages off and limited time discounts.

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Up-sells and Cross-sells

Cross-promotional item structures prompt visitors to view complimenting product choices at checkout, improving the volume of sales you receive per transaction.

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Integrated Email Marketing

Automatic integration of customer email with your eCommerce platform helps longer-term cultivation of brand loyalty, promotes repeat business and improves after sales communications.

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Inventory Management

Stay on top of your inventory by using your ecommerce website as a tool to manage inventory: Know how much stock you have on hand and get email alerts when stock is low.

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Order Fulfilment

Monitor your order fulfilment and customer queries from your PC, tablet or phone! Orders can be processed at-a-glance and customers can be communicated with at the click of a button.

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Analytics and User Behaviour

View reports and statistics on user engagement, sales, browsing behaviour, top-selling products, discount codes, Google Ads and more – from acquisition though to order fulfilment.

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Secure Carts

Secured payment gateways, site encryption and trust logos of the securities employed on the shopping cart inspire trust – assuring your customers their personal details won’t be compromised.

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Product Findability

Product filtering, quick previews, image enlargements, slideshows, wish-lists and product comparisons can be custom-designed to exactly fit the specifications of the products you offer.

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Payment Options

More payment options results in more sales! I can set you up with financing options like ZipPay and AfterPay as well as payment configurations for the Australian banks, American Express and PayPal.

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Why the Woocommerce e-commerce platform?

Because it’s the most customisable eCommerce platform on the web. Woocommerce fully integrates with the powerful features of a WordPress site and offers hundreds of free and low-cost extensions to better help you sell online, grow your store and find more customers. As of 2019, Woocommerce leads with the market share of 22% of all e-commerce platforms.

I am experienced developing and supporting online stores. I use the Woocommerce platform to provide you with all the tools you need to successfully sell your products online and manage your online store.

Jonathan Pike

Share your ideas and let’s create a great eCommerce website project together.

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