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Brand development & visual Identity design based on sound creative strategy.

Achieving a strong customer connection through effective brand design.

A brand is more than a logo, but a logo is the ambassador of the brand.

As business owners we understand the importance of a powerful and relevant brand: It’s part of the overall values we want our customers to know about our business. As a Brand Designer Melbourne, I have over 8 years practical experience of developing brands for start-ups and SMEs. My brand design process considers more than simply what looks nice. A brand strategy comes about with in-depth analysis of where your brand will feature in your customer touch-point, competitor analysis to set you apart in your industry and discussions on your business values.

Brand Strategy

A logo design is a symbol comprising an icon and a typeface but a brand is a more advanced process where from my initial discovery of your business values, services, products and USP. Brand design involves the development of colours, shapes, assets (photos) and typography – in order to achieve 1/ all the customer touch-points are branded, and 2/ The tone of the brand is a perfect fit for the business values and is markedly different from your competitors.

Brand Designer Melbourne - View Cafe - Brand Identity
View Cafe
Brand Designer Melbourne - Snap & Spend Gift Cards - Brand Identity
Snap & Spend Gift Cards
Brand Designer Melbourne - Snuggi - Brand Identity
Brand Designer Melbourne - Ocean Time Marine - Brand Identity
Ocean Time Marine


A professional branding design and development service offers in-depth analysis of where a client’s brand mark will feature in their customer touch-points. After analysis of the business, its product and/or services, brand ideas are refined into a presentation with relevant mock-ups, colour palettes and typography choices. Based on customer review, revisions and further concepts are made until the brief requirements are successfully fulfilled. Additionally, brand messaging, tone and personality of written language for the brand is also considered.

Brand Designer Melbourne - Cafe Logo Design
Cafe Sofi
Brand Designer Melbourne - Negosi8 Finance - Brand Identity
Negosi8 Finance
Brand Designer Melbourne - The Bell 47 Experience - Brand Identity
The Bell 47 Experience
Brand Designer Melbourne - Australian Pipe Organs - Brand Identity
Australian Pipe Organs
Icon Business Strategy

Identity design for businesses of all sizes

Is your brand dated, your message uninspired or your website lacking sparkle? Whether you’re looking for a brand invigoration or you’re launching a rousing new business, you’ll need a designer who can put the best possible presentation on what makes your business special.

Jonathan Pike

Share your ideas and let’s create a branding + Identity project together.

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