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Responsive Web Design

Looking good on any screen size

Why responsive web design is important.

Responsive Web Design ensures your website looks as good on smartphones and tablets as it does on desktop computers. A website that auto-resizes for phones and tablets ensures your customers get the best possible engagement and navigation with your business website whatever device they view it on.

With the majority of web pages now viewed on small screens, mobile users expect just as good a viewing experience as they get on their desktop.

Smaller screen. Same user experience.

50% to 80% of your visitors are now using their phones and tablets to visit your website. In fact, whereas Google gave preference to responsive websites for a time, Google now scores your website design for how it behaves on mobile size screen without even assessing the desktop version of your website.

In short, responsive web design is important to both your marketing strategies online and for the visitors to your site. Responsive design has created a whole new and intensive element of website design to achieve aesthetically pleasing sites that that are effective for your brand on phone-sized screens as well as on desktop computers.

Expertise in responsive web design

For over 7 years, I have been creating responsive websites – even before Google mandated the design practice – so I’ve got a wealth of experience producing quality designs that are functionally adaptive but also visually optimised to look just as compelling on a small screen. I constantly aim to keep up with all emerging design concepts and technologies – allowing me to stay ahead of the game in new design trends to create an engaging user experience across all device screen sizes.

Create a seamless experience for all devices.

Although intensifying the design process, responsive web design is no longer a nice-to-have feature, it is a vital consideration that cannot be overlooked. When implemented properly, getting your web pages and navigation to look great across all device sizes will improve your website’s lifespan and future-proof its design for all the new screen sizes and devices yet to come out.

Responsive design planning and execution is different for different website designs and differing content and may effect the cost up or down of a new design or a redesign depending on what needs to be achieved on different screen sizes.

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