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Melbourne SEO Services

Be found in the crowd with search engine optimisation

Melbourne SEO Services get you found online.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) solutions are aimed at making your website more visible to your customers in search engines. Sometimes referred to as search engine marketing (SEM), I provide Melbourne SEO Services to help your website pages get listed better, more frequently and at a higher position in organic search results.

There are many facets to SEO work. My focus and expertise is in ‘on-page SEO’. This is the practice of optimising the site’s content and structure around the keywords and related keyword groups (LSI Keywords) that people use to find your pages in search engines. The practice of on-page SEO is essential to all further Digital Marketing work and gives your site the best grounding in a long-term web presence in searches.

Effective search marketing begins with good planning and development.

By first assessing the market opportunities, your competitors position in search results and your existing content and website structure, I’ll develop a plan to implement the Melbourne SEO Services on your site.

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword & phrase research and development
  • Site architecture audit (URLs)
  • Meta data development
  • Internal link building
  • Content development plan

Initial Implementation.

To implement the strategy, I use a suite of tools including Google Console, SEO management tools, and back-end site architecture tools.

To ensure your web pages are read correctly by the search engines, I verify the site code and structure is error-free, perform full site meta-tagging, image optimisation, page speed and responsive improvements, sitemap improvements, keyword placement / frequency and enhancement of the website’s infrastructure.

This work results in proper content structure with effective and strategic internal linking, keywording, meta descriptions, page titles, taxonomies, tags and redirects.

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Reporting & Analysis.

Building Analytics into your website and delivering reports of visitors, pages viewed and where your visitors are coming from gives us a benchmark to track the effectiveness of the on-page SEO work over time.By analysing these statistics, I use the data to tweak your site’s existing content to attract more visitors – grow your visitor volume and increase your conversion ratio.


New Content.

Frequently published new and original content on your site builds upon the keyword strategy and improves your website’s authority around your keywords. I can develop and publish original content that actively works towards your on-page SEO strategy and helps you move up the ranks in the Google search results.

Original content doesn’t just serve to improve your on-page SEO… Content should always be highly relevant to your industry, well-written, engaging and interesting for your visitors.


Off-page SEO work.

After the on-page optimisation work is completed, I develop the website’s off-page optimisation. This involves creating a holistic web presence, including back-linking, social media platforms, listings in online directories such as ‘Google Maps’, ‘Google for Business’, Social Media platforms and other directories relevant to your business industry.

SEO strategies to fit the needs of your business.

Whether a new website design or applying Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to your existing site, get in touch to discuss how I can help your website reach more of your online customers in Google search.

With over 20 years experience in data management and 8 years experience in website search management, I’ve developed proven strategies that consistently deliver improved results in online search and get your website content found by more of your customers.

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