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Website Maintenance Plans

A secure, speedy and current website

A plan for every business website.

No matter how established your business is, – it must keep moving to innovate, inspire and keep up with an ever-changing world. And your website should reflect that growth. Website Maintenance Plans ensures your website gets everything it needs to communicate where your business is today – from simple content updates to improved functionality.

Just as your business is changing, so are the technologies people view your website on. Ten years ago, a website could technically be left alone once deployed – but today’s websites need regular updating, securing and backing up to guard against hacking and protect the integrity of the systems that run it.

Keep your website running efficiently.

Maintaining and improving the performance of your website is a key consideration for a website maintenance package – including page-speed tweaking, security monitoring, uptime monitoring – and updating code libraries, platforms and plugins.

Stay on top of your place in Google search.

Updating text and images maintains and improves your position in the search engines. Continually adding new content and keeping old content relevant and up-to-date will give both the search engines and your business profile the needed effectiveness and relevancy.

Drive user engagement.

A well-maintained and relevant website will positively engage new visitors, helping to turn new visitors into returning visitors, genuine leads and conversion

Stay relevant.

Just as your website should change with your business, it should also keep up with emerging trends and advancements in technology. Small design enhancements throughout the year keep your website looking modern and engaging. New functionality or improvements to your existing functionality helps keep your site constantly engaging your visitors.

Priority attention.

Website Maintenance Plans come with a service-level agreement for the life of the plan – ensuring an agreed turnaround time for making changes, improving or fixing things that require attention. Incremental attention is more cost-effective in the long-run. A maintenance plan ensures your site gets constant attention instead of waiting till its falling apart at the seams before any work is done.

A maintenance package to suit you.
Depending on what type of website you have, a maintenance plan can support various aspects of your business. When putting a maintenance package together, I’ll look at the requirement you may need over the course of the plan. Packages can be made up of the following categories.

Under the Hood Package

A low-cost package every website needs! …It is vitally important that a website is not left completely unattended and vulnerable to hacking. An under-the-hood package means I’ll monitor the website for both uptime and security threats and fix things should they go wrong. I’ll keep all your platforms and plug-ins up-to-date and secure. I’ll also ensure key files that make a website tick are secured and up-to-date, including the .htaccess. robots.txt and sitemap.xml. And lastly, I’ll keep a periodic local backup of all your site files. Site tweaks needed because browser technologies have changed can also be completed.

Web Design Package

This package is for a website that changes content at least a few times a year and a business that has an interest in growing the structure of their content and continually improving the brand and UI/UX design. This package includes adding, editing, replacing or removing content and design – including text, web-optimised photos, images, animations and videos, forms, navigation, files, service pages, team pages and recent project pages.

Functionality Package

For websites where functionality is key to visitor engagement or business activity on the site. This might include booking forms, search functionality, user data collection, scheduling functions, CRMs and integrated custom or third-party apps. Websites that have multiple contributors might need user role management. The more functionality a website has, the more necessary it is to monitor the up-time of these functions, have a staging server in place, and a robust backup and restore facility.

Content Marketing Package

Copy is king! Having new (and more importantly, relevant!) text content added frequently across your site is key to becoming an internet authority in your space. Original new content keeps your returning visitors engaged, let’s Google know you’re a serious content creator and – over time – helps bump up your place in search listings for the keywords, product and services you offer. Content can be shared from new pages like recent projects, new products or blog pages to all your social media accounts – benefiting you from increased referral traffic.

ECommerce Package

Running an online store effectively means continually reacting to improve visitor engagement of your products and brand. A, e-commerce maintenance package will likely include a necessity for many of the features of the above packages – and in addition, new and existing product changes, pricing changes, management of promotions, bundles, shipping deals, coupons and sales.

Website Maintenance Plans for good site health.

As a multi-disciplined web designer and graphic designer, I can offer you Website Maintenance Plans and support services tailored to your exact requirements – making your website presence stress-free and ensuring there is someone always there to look after things for you.

You can easily contact me anytime – which is particularly important when urgent items come up. All support and change requests will receive a priority level and you can easily view the status of all requests in my project manager.

Whatever your ongoing needs might be, contact me for a proposal and quote.

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