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Domain Name Registration Services Terms and Conditions

1. Domain Names Registration Services.


(a) Assistance with Registering Only. Jonathan Pike may assist you to register one or more top-level or second-level domain names (the “Domain Name Registration Service”). For each such domain name registered Jonathan Pike’s involvement ends with the registration. You will be the registrant, administrative contact and technical contact, and you agree to be bound by all applicable terms and conditions published by the applicable registrar. Please note: you are also bound by ICANN’s rights and responsibilities:


(b) Maintenance of Domain Names. You are responsible for the ongoing maintenance, control and use of any domain name registered in your name and for any fees or taxes associated with its maintenance. To maintain your domain name registration, you will need to interact directly with the applicable registrar. FOR GREATER CLARITY, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR: (i) RENEWING THE REGISTRATION AND ENSURING THAT IT DOES NOT LAPSE; AND (ii) ADDRESSING ANY ISSUES RELATING TO YOUR DOMAIN NAME. JONATHAN PIKE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DOING SO.


(c) Please note that: (i) Jonathan Pike is not able to guarantee that a proposed domain name is available for registration or that a registrar will register it; (ii) Jonathan Pike will not assist with the registration on your behalf of a proposed domain name in any top-level or second-level domain unless expressly directed by you to do so; and (iii) Jonathan Pike may but is not obligated to inform you of any proposed or new top-level or second-level domains.


(d) Privacy Registration Service. Some registrars allow domain names to be registered without publishing the registrant’s name and contact information and others do not. If you wish to take advantage of any such privacy service for a domain name and you are using the Domain Name Registration Service to register the domain name, you are responsible for informing Jonathan Pike in writing prior to the registration of the domain name that you wish to take advantage of the registrar’s privacy service. You acknowledge that the privacy service is provided by the applicable registrar, not Jonathan Pike.


(e) As is. Assistance with registering domain names and securing related privacy services is provided “as is” and without any warranties, representations or conditions whatsoever.


(f) Domain Redemption Fee: If your domain was registered by Jonathan Pike with a Domain Name Registrar as a Domain Name Registration Service and has expired, but you wish to recover the domain, Jonathan Pike may be able to request the Domain Registrar to recover the domain if it is still within the redemption period. To recover a domain name that has expired but which is still within the redemption period, Jonathan Pike must pay a redemption fee to the Domain Registrar on your behalf, which in turn will be passed on to you the customer. Please note that this domain redemption fee does not include the registration price of the domain that will still need to be paid to register the domain for the next year. If the domain name is not renewed or acquired during the redemption period, it will be made available again to the general public after the redemption period completes. Only domains that have been registered with the initial Domain Registrar can be re-registered after expiration of the domain. If the domain that has expired was registered at another Domain Registrar company, you will need to contact that registrar to recover the domain from the redemption period.


Last Updated Jan 3, 2020.

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